Our Mission

To bring back fresh air roasted coffee at an affordable price.

We want Gigawatt to be in your cup every day. You deserve to drink fresh air roasted coffee, after all, it's your fuel.

Excellent coffee shouldn't have to break the bank, which is why we commit to offer the majority of our coffee at $11 per bag. Why purchase an expensive specialty coffee, only to save it for the weekends, and not have it at peak fresness by the time you use it?

Air Roasted Coffee Process

We are part of the 1% of the world's roasters who air roast their coffee. Let that sink in.

Contrary to the industry standard, we use a fluid bed air roaster to roast our coffee which develops a cleaner and more palatable cup of coffee

The majority of the worlds coffee is roasted using a drum roaster, where the beans tumble in a hot steel drum and are roasted through contact heat. This inadvertently can cause the outer skin (chaff) of the coffee bean to burn leaving a bitter and burnt taste, especially in darker roasts.

Have you noticed how none of our coffee has any bitter or burnt taste notes?

With an air roaster, the coffee is roasted just like it sounds - with hot air that pushes the beans up in a continuous motion, which allows for a perfectly consistent roast, every time.

The coffee chaff never has the opportunity to burn on the bean, because it naturally separates from the bean at a certain temperature and is blown out into a separate container that collects the chaff.

And this is why everyone is talking about our coffee. Be a part of the conversation.