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Gigawatt Coffee Roasters

Half Caff Coffee

Half Caff Coffee

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This Half Caff Coffee Combo is the perfect pairing to combine for your half caff coffee!  Our water processed decaf blends nicely with our bestselling medium dark roast to make the perfect cup of half caff.  This bundle is perfect for you to adjust the amount of caffeine in your cup - play around with different amounts from each bag depending on your mood.  A little less caffeine, or a little more - it's all up to you!

This bundle includes:

  • 1 - 10oz bag of Kite & Key Blend
  • 1 - 10oz bag of Static Resistor Decaf Coffee 
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just a few of the many reasons

Why drink Gigawatt?

No bitter burnt taste

Our coffee is clean tasting, intensely aromatic, and low in acidity. The outer skin (chaff) of the coffee bean is never burned on the bean, because it is blown out during roasting into a separate chamber. What does this mean? A cleaner and more palatable cup of coffee - without the bitter burnt taste notes - even in darker roasts.

Cleaner for the environment

Our fluid bed air roaster runs on 100% electricity, which means we roast without utilizing fossil fuels or producing harmful emissions to the environment.

Part of the 1%

That's right. We are part of the 1% of world's roasters that air roast their coffee. That means you are part of the 1% of the world's coffee drinkers to have the exclusve experience of drinking air roasted coffee.

Support a local small business

We, Jen and Eli, are a husband and wife team that launched Gigawatt one week before the world went crazy. We are working hard to power up your lives and bring joy into your homes through freshly roasted, great tasting coffee at an affordable price. Support us on this mission and drink Gigawatt before getting sucked back into the soulless void of corporate coffee.

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"Great coffee great people. This is an awesome local product my husband and I love it. We were buying Starbucks beans before but when we tried the Kite and Key blend we were won over and have been buying our beans from Gigawatt ever since."