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Decaf Espresso Beans: Your Quick Guide Everything you need to know

Written by: Gigawatt Coffee Roasters



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In this post, we review :

  • things to consider when selecting decaf espresso beans

  • how to brew decaf espresso beans

  • why you might want to grab a bag, even if you are a death before decaf type of coffee drinker!

An Orange Decaf Espresso Machine.

Decaf Espresso Beans - What are they?

Well, there is no such thing as decaf espresso beans! Not in the way you are probably thinking about it.


  • Espresso is a brewing method.


  • Decaf is a coffee that had caffeine removed.


Since espresso is a brewing method, you can brew any kind of coffee as an espresso, including decaf beans!  Which is why sometimes people refer to them as decaf espresso beans.  So for the purpose of this post, that's how we'll refer to them.


Now that you understand the difference, the real question boils down to, what makes a good decaf espresso bean?  And why would anyone want to drink one?

Decaf Espresso Beans in Portafilter.

Things to Consider when Selecting Decaf Coffee

"We used to be death before decaf kind of people - now we find ourselves pulling shots of espresso with our decaf espresso beans several times per week between 9pm-10pm."

- Gigawatt Coffee Roasters Team

Decaffeination Process, Roast Level, Bean Varieties

What makes a great decaf espresso? The secret lies in the roast profile of the bean and the decaffeination process

Unlike traditional methods involving harsh chemicals, Gigawatt's decaf espresso beans undergo a gentle water processed decaffeination. This means your coffee maintains its bold flavors without any bitter aftertaste.

Let's break down the difference:

orange decaf espresso beans cup

Traditional Decaf

  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Loss of Flavor
  • Bitter Aftertaste

Water Processed Decaf

  • Pure Water and Filters
  • Preserves Natural Aromas
  • Smooth, Bold Finish

Bean Varieties:

  • Arabica Beans: 
    • Known for their smooth, mellow taste, Arabica beans form the backbone of many decaf espresso blends. They contribute to the rich body and pleasant acidity of your coffee.

  • Robusta Beans: 
    • Robusta beans add a touch of boldness and crema, enhancing the overall character of your decaf espresso.

Roast Levels:

  • Medium Roast: This level maintains the balance between the natural sweetness of the beans and the smoky depth of a good espresso. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a well-rounded flavor profile.

  • Dark Roast: If you prefer the intense, caramelized notes of espresso, dark roast decaf espresso beans bring out the deep flavors, making your decaf brew taste remarkably close to the real deal.

Your Perfect Brew: A Deep Dive

1. Grind Size: The Foundation of Flavor

Choosing the right grind size is pivotal. For decaf espresso beans, opt for an ultra-fine grind. This consistency ensures a robust flavor extraction, capturing the essence of the beans without the caffeine kick. Think of it as the canvas on which your coffee masterpiece is painted.

2. Water Temperature: The Science of Precision

The water temperature plays a crucial role in bringing out the nuances of your decaf espresso beans. Keep it between 195°F to 205°F (90°C to 96°C) to ensure the perfect balance between flavor extraction and avoiding bitterness. This precise range allows the coffee grounds to release their flavors without scalding, resulting in a smoother, well-rounded taste.  


Also - be sure to use filtered water as opposed to tap water when brewing. Filtered water will deliver a cleaner tasting cup.  The quality of water is a very important component to any coffee drink


3. Brewing Time: Crafting the Quintessential Shot

The brewing time is the heartbeat of your decaf espresso. Aim for a shot that lasts between 25 to 30 seconds. This precise duration allows the water to interact with the coffee grounds, extracting the flavors and aromas that make your espresso exceptional. Too short, and you miss out on the richness; too long, and bitterness creeps in. Find the sweet spot, and you’ve found your perfect brew.

An orange portafilter  with decaf espresso beans tamped inside.

Why Choose Decaf Espresso Beans?

Sometimes you want some coffee with that piece of cheesecake at 10pm…but you also have to get up to go to work in the morning.


Or maybe you already drank copious amounts of coffee during the day and  need a little break from the caffeine.


Sometimes a little decaf pick-me-up is what you need. 


Say yes to:

  • Peaceful nights without caffeine induced restlessness.


  • The perfect pairing of an after dinner espresso.


  • Feeling good by lowering your caffeine intake and increasing your overall well-being.

Decaf espresso bean portafilter with a tamper, cup of coffee, and pile of espresso grounds.

The Gigawatt Decaf Difference

Our special Colombian decaf water processed coffee undergoes a pure water caffeine extraction process without the use of chemical solvents.


When we first started Gigawatt, we used to be death before decaf kinds of people.  However, we started to get more and more requests to carry  decaf espresso beans. 


We pride ourselves on the coffee we offer, and would never offer something we wouldn't drink ourselves.  After sampling and cupping a ton of decaf espresso beans, we were left impressed with what became our Static Resistor Decaf.


Now we find ourselves pulling shots of espresso with our decaf espresso beans several times per week between 9pm-10pm.



What's so special about our Decaf Beans?


You can brew them all different ways, including drip and cold brew, and it is an excellent choice to use as decaf espresso beans.


Although our decaf has a dark roast profile, we use an air roaster to roast our coffee, so it doesn't get any of those bitter burnt tones that you might expect from a dark roast.  


Our decaf has a smooth bold flavor, which is perfect by itself, or also in milk based espresso drinks - such as lattes or cappuccinos.  Which is why we now use our decaf espresso beans many nights during the week. 

What does it taste like?


It has lovely toasted nut and cacao notes which synchronize to provide a nice body with just a hint of cherry on the back palate. 


Finally - decaf espresso beans that not only taste great, but will have you coming back for more.  

Final Thoughts: Your Decaf Journey Awaits

Find the balance, enjoy every sip without worrying about sleepless nights. With Gigawatt Coffee Roasters’ Static Resistor Decaf, you're not just buying decaf espresso beans; you're investing in your peace of mind.


Ready to Embrace the Bold, Caffeine-Free Life? Dive In and Experience Coffee Bliss!

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